Incidents in safety-critical industries can have serious consequences for workers, the public, and employers. Safety incidents, resulting in injury and fatalities, endanger not only the employees involved, but all those around them.

In addition, increased health care costs, lawsuits, breach-of-contract issues, and lost business are just a few of the significant financial costs of fatigue that organizations may experience.

make SAFETY a Priority

In a report by the National Safety Council (NSC) – Fatigue in Safety-Critical Industries – an analysis of 27 observational studies estimated up to 13% of workplace injuries and fatalities could be attributed to fatigue, and workers with sleep problems had a 1.62 times higher risk of being injured than those without.

The DROWZLE® Sleep Health Program educates, motivates, and measures progress toward better sleep health for employees.  As an employee’s sleep health improves, so does their work performance and overall quality of life.

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