Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) has gained the attention of the trucking industry in recent years, but understandably, drivers may be reluctant to seek testing or treatment. The worry that a diagnosis of OSA will cost them their job or their ability to find work weighs heavy on American truck drivers.

Statistics show that fleet operators are wise to be concerned. It’s estimated that nearly 30 percent of the 3.5 million commercial truck drivers in the United States have mild to severe sleep apnea which is associated with disrupted sleep and excessive daytime sleepiness. That makes OSA a major concern for all of us, as sleepiness is believed to be a factor in up to 20 percent of all large truck crashes in the United States.


Fatigued Drivers are 5X more likely to have an accident

A Driver with an untreated sleep disorder is similar to that of a person with a .06 – .08 Blood Alcohol Content

Greater than 30% of Commercial Vehicle Drivers suffer from OSA

Driver fatigue is responsible for an estimated 100,000 motor vehicle accidents

The cost of Driver fatigue is estimated at $12.4 billion per year

FMCSA reports that Drivers under treatment for OSA were no riskier than drivers without OSA

The Drowzle Difference


Significant cost savings compared to other HST offerings


Initiate testing for your entire driver workforce with a click of a button

Only Pay For What You Need

DROWZLE PRO screening results identify drivers with the greatest risk

Employer Portal

Understand your organization’s fatigue safety risk without viewing Personal Health Information (PHI)

Unlimited Screening

Unlimited OSA Screening throughout the life of the subscription

Ongoing Education

Unlike traditional HSTs, the DROWZLE Sleep Health Program provides ongoing guidance and education.


DROWZLE® is a convenient, cost-effective way to screen truck drivers and others for obstructive sleep apnea. Unlike online assessments, DROWZLE uses the driver’s own smartphone to capture breathing sounds and patterns during sleep.

DROWZLE can help identify drivers who need a diagnostic sleep test and screen out those who don’t. And because DROWZLE can be used anywhere, it makes it easy to assess employees when they’re on the road.

DROWZLE PRO is an FDA Cleared and DOT Compliant Home Sleep Test, complete with Chain of Custody.

Driver Preferred

No Uncomfortable Wearables

DROWZLE is the only hassle-free home sleep test (HST). All you need is your smartphone

Test Anytime, Anywhere

Screen at home, on the road, in your sleeper berth or hotel.

Straightforward Path to Diagnosis

As few as 3-7 days between testing and diagnosis without ever leaving the road.

Protects Driver Privacy

No personal health information is shared